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The Happy Journal - Creating a Happy Journal can create a “New” State of mind

Depending on the environment we can tend to be more wired to focus on the negative instead of the positive. It says in the Webster dictionary the human brain has a natural tendency to give weight to (and remember) negative experiences of interactions more than positive ones-they stand out more. Now as I have studied the mind, I say that it is because the negative experiences are still held in the mind, just as the positive memories, but the negative memories are “loaded” with negative emotion so they cover up the positive states of being.

Re-training our mind to feel better.

I have worked on myself enough that I rarely feel depression anymore. I have normal anxiety instead of being on the 16 years of anxiety medications I was on. The reason why this has changed is because I studied and learned from Robert Gene Smith how the subconscious mind works and how to take control of it, heal the memories and experiences that I had and take emotional control of my thoughts and triggers. In addition to working on ourselves in the moment and working on our memories, the Happy Journal is important to help us re-wire our minds to thinking and feeling good. The only reason we haven’t before is because of our bad experiences and we have just never been taught how.

1. In the 1st section we write in our re-writes. When we work on ourselves or with a practitioner we re-imprint memories and that is called a re-write and we write those in our HJ Then we practice the re-imprinted memories and re-train the mind to create new neural pathways around what we have experienced. We update memories all the time without even knowing it so why not intentionally shift them? This allow us to take charge of our subconscious and our unpleasant behaviors, moods and beliefs shift them. Then we become happier, healthier people. Neurons that fire together, wire together and when done in a positive way you experience the 4 primary chemicals in the brain: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

The more you utilize your Happy Journal and work on yourself the more you get control of what you do, think and react in your world!

2. Gratitude-Increasing our state of mind and retraining and attracting more of what we desire in our lives..finding what we are grateful for is an excellent way of being and feeling. I learned about this a long time ago and it was very helpful. Now that I have worked on so much of my past, I tend to be in gratitude of what life has to offer and what experience more than I ever have. Find 3-5 things you are grateful for each day and write them in your HJ.

3. Goals and Dreams. This is a place to become more in touch with where we desire to go in our lives. What is it that speaks to your heart. Get a picture of it. Maybe it’s a calm state of mind, get a picture of you or a person being calm, or a calm area and put it here in your journal. Maybe it’s a house, a car or a vacation you want to have or take. The more we focus on what we desire, in a positive good way.. the better we feel and can attract it to us, but there maybe some action we have to take. Check out the video about manifesting in my Self Love Tribe group if you are not a member yet, please send a request and join in the fun!

If you are looking at needing to manifest the money, focus on that.. I encourage you to wtach my tips on manifesting and use Acorns if you want some help saving. It’s a great way to take action, focus on the desire of what you want and you don’t need to figure out how it comes in.

One time I wanted to go on a retreat. I had the money for the plane ticket and I felt like it was the right thing to do. I went ahead and bought the plane ticket, made the reservations for the hotel and I had planned on leaving my job a week earlier, but someone else quit and I had to stay an extra week and that gave me the money to pay for the hotel and food! Ya never know how it's going to show up!

I love teaching about the Law of Attraction and have become very good at it I think, but eutaptics® FasterEFT was my missing link.

4. Affirmations. Tapping on what we want for ourselves is such a great gift! There are so many affirmations out there on the internet that you can look up on the internet or listen to Louise Hays’ videos and you can write them down. Then of course saying them and tapping while you are saying them, helps get rid of the resistance and if you know what you references are, work on them. Tap it out and re-write it!

You can also record yourself and listen to that. If you need to, tap out how much you don’t like your voice.

5. GEMS this is a section for things that you love and speak to you. Maybe its a birthday card your child sent to you, or a picture of a vacation that meant a lot to you. We usually pack these things away, get a couple of them out and put them here. Maybe it’s a quote that you heard someone say..write it down in this section or anywhere you want in the book.

The book doesn’t have to be set up this exact way. It’s yours. Set it up the way you desire and re-train your mind!

Lotsa Love

Miranda Sullivan

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