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Same Scenario, Different People!

I love fall and it almost always gets me excited about the leaves falling, the temperatures changing to a little crisper here in the south, the holidays that follow. Picking a pumpkin, celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, but back in 2017 that time of the season turned to a living hell. I did have a lot going on; I was going to be an understudy in the play Steel Magnolias and I was so excited, it was just what I prayed for, but I wasn’t aware that things were about to take a turn for the worst. After being a nanny/caregiver for 10 years, I had just started driving for Uber and I didn’t know how much I was going to make and there was no guarantee on my income. I was scared and to top it off I found out the rehearsals for the play were going to be in the evening and weekends, which was a prime time for me to make money driving with Uber and I was so nervous about memorizing my lines. Then my roommate got a new gig in a different city and gave me notice...I had also just bought a new car because mine had just blown up, I didn’t want payments, but felt guided to go in that direction and come to find out that I needed a new car because when I bought it, I didn’t know I’d be driving for Uber, but God sure did. Well, I worked myself up into so much fear and stress, which I had been doing a really good job at that for quite a while and I had been through so much trauma when I was young. I also suddenly lost my son many years body got sick from all the stress and I was down for 3 months with adrenal fatigue and IBS. I had gone from about 145 pounds to 118 in just a few months and I would get dizzy if I drove and had to go to physical therapy to correct it. After being put on medication I did get better. But I never got fully recovered. Now this month, I have another fantastic roommate moving out and my stomach has been going off the wall with pain and I just realized tonight that I feel like I am going through the same kind of an experience as I did back in 2017. Even though I have worked on this, it’s an opportunity to heal work on everything that comes up, I can see it as a gift and I am grateful.

How many times have you went through an experience and you end up going through it again later, and it’s different people, but the same scenario, so to speak, but you are the only one that is the same? The unconscious mind keeps replaying what it holds. You can look at it that way or that God keeps showing us what we need to heal. Well, this is my opportunity to heal this and I have been empowered with the tools to do it. How many times do we have to go through that pattern again, and we learn from it, but we feel like we are a fish out of water because we don’t have the tools to work with our emotional landscape? We don’t have to, not anymore. I am so grateful that I have these tools, community, and education. What is going on in your life that you would like to let go of, and keep the blessings.

On top of it, I spoke to a fellow practitioner today and she was able to heal her IBS doing this work...more inspiration and God is good at giving it. Now, if you are interested and you want to find out how you can empower yourself to “Heal Your Life” contact me at 615-852-6452 or email me at

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