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Here is what some of my clients have said:

April from Arizona says:
"Miranda Sullivan is an excellent Faster EFT practitioner and working with her was a wonderful experience! She was very professional as well as caring and compassionate. She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable during the session and I really felt her sincere desire to help me. I noticed immediate changes as I felt serene and happy following the session and noticed a marked improvement in my outlook thereafter. I have had more energy and a better sense of well-being overall. I highly recommend working with this amazing practitioner!"​

Dannah from Portland, OR says:
Thank you for helping me, from our first session my spending habits have changed. The memory you helped me with that first session didn’t seem to have anything to do with finances but WOW! It really did. Somehow it WAS connected. That HUGE online retailer whose name I won’t mention but sounds a lot like a Forest in South America may be sad that I no longer search on there daily but my pocketbook has a fuller and happier belly Best of all I’m now feeling happier and content, something I was looking to get from there but was never going to find. Who knew it was in ME the whole time

Neil from Scotland says:
"I write this testimonial after having a session of FasterEFT with Miranda. I suffered from a few illnesses which have had a negative impact on not only my daily life, but also my family and social life. I would recommend Miranda to help you work on your traumas and issues as she is passionate and compassionate about this process and it works. She helped me take a trauma from my teenage years and turn it into a happy memory. Now I just see Harry Potter on the bus instead of the thugs that mugged me, this stuff works! She knows what she is doing and this works."

Anne-Lise from Texas says:
"I've had 4 Faster EFT sessions with Miranda so far. I have found her to be professional, compassionate, and encouraging. She most recently helped me through the worst bout of severe depression that I have dealt with in years. A single session took me from hopeless to stable, and two subsequent have built back my confidence and (dare I say?) joy! She has a gift for making me feel understood and supported, and I don't feel that way easily (especially when depressed). I am so thankful to have Miranda as a resource when I struggle. She truly is a life-changer."

Melodie from Texas says: 
"Every time I work with Miranda I am blown away at the results I get with her!  I get results! I love working with her. Thank you Miranda!"

Charlotte for London, UK says:
“Miranda is a fantastic teacher. I didn’t quite know what to expect having not practiced before, but I was blown away by her knowledge and expertise in getting to the root of the problem. Miranda’s kind and gentle nature made it easy to open up to her and her lightheartedness prevented the session from getting too heavy. I will practice everything that Miranda has taught me to help me with my healing. If you are stuck on the fence, give it a try. I think it could really help a lot of people. Thank you Miranda for your time ”

Check out this talk that Robert Smith the creator of FEFT and whom I have been trained by and did here in Nashville, TN by clicking here.

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