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3 Ways To Improve Your Morning

I wanted to talk about mornings. At the age of 55, I finally realize how important they are! I remember watching my mom always get up, have her cup of morning joe and read the newspaper. I was always so jealous that I never did that for myself. How do you start your mornings? I have found that if I get up and have a good morning routine to where I take care of myself first, I am happier and at peace more throughout the day than when I don't. This rubs off on people in a good way and if I can do anything to help people in that way, I love to do that and I benefit too. In addition, it cuts down stress which is the main cause of disease and Dr. visits. Another bonus is that it gives me is a set point to start in a good feeling and continue that throughout the day and if something throws me off, I can address it and go back to feeling good. If I don't do that, I lose myself throughout the day more than not and I tend to be a reactor rather than a creator. I don't know about you, but I do believe in the law of attraction and I want to put out good and get good back, but whether I believed in it or not I would still want to do start off the day off good, because I am just a better person for it. Think about it how do we affect others when we are running around reacting to things, complaining or are rushed and busy? Not so positive.... But, if we start the day in a good space and take care of ourselves, give our self some "me time" we can stay in that mood or vibration as our metaphysical friends would say and we can live that day in a state of peace and love for ourselves and others. Moms, no more excuses! Everybody wins when you take some "me" time in the morning and the "older self" down the road will live longer and happier because of it. So, now that I've committed to a good morning routine for myself, I set the day with peace and love and if something knocks me off my peace/love boat being a FasterEFT practitioner I have a great relaxation technique to get me back in the swing.

3 Steps to a Good Morning Routine

1. Commit to a good morning routine.

2. Do some yoga or meditation and some visualization techniques.

3. Exercise for 20 minutes. It could be as easy as just a walk or if you want more then a hike, jog or workout.

If you'd like to know more about Miranda Sullivan and her Life Change Coaching practice using FasterEFT, Life Coaching and Miranda is also a Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator go to Miranda works with individuals, groups and parents in creating a healthier, happier lifestyle for them and those around them. Using FasterEFT and a special Discovery process she can help you find out why your not taking care of yourself and support you in making changes if needed. You can also join her Facebook Group by going to Miranda Sullivan Coaching.

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