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Get Empowered and Set Yourself Free!


l Love to Work with Individuals who are Looking for a Change

I am Accepting Applications to Work with 5 People This Month, Who Want to:
Lose Weight
Feel Better
Have More Energy
Improve Health
Make Healthier Eating Choices
Be Free From Trauma, Anxiety, Grief, Lessen Stress and Feel Better About Themselves and Connected to Themselves

Email for Application and more information on what is included in the program.

You will receive both one-on-one sessions and work

together as a group via Zoom 

Are you lost, alone,

feeling confused, have challenges with grief,

and or food addiction,

overeating, emotional eating, and

the way life has unfolded for you?

Are you holding onto trauma, hurts, wounds, and things that you've been through because you just didn't know how to work through it?

Maybe you have tried so many things, and maybe they helped but didn't get you to where you wanted to go.

You know you did the best you could, but something inside of you is nagging at you,  you know there has got to be something better and if you just had the right tools, if you knew what to do, you would do it!


You want a Healthier, Happier, You!

You want to create more

Peace, Love, Acceptance, and Change

from feeling broken and feeling like a victim

to feel Empowered and Make Better Choices?

Be more in Emotional Control of your life.

I can assure you, it is a wonderful place to be. 

My clients are truly learning the power of who they can actually be

Click here for testimonials  

Whether you are looking to create a whole new life or

just make some shifts in your current experience. I am here to help.

I can work with anyone that has an internet connection and a phone or computer. 
I love to teach and support transformation!

Stay in touch here and on social media for upcoming workshops see below

I have a Free Facebook group you can join, by clicking here. 

My focus is to help individuals learn how to let go of fears, past or current hurts, patterns,  and belief systems, transforming trauma and addiction patterns that keep coming up in life and stop you from creating and living the Life you want.


Sunset over the Mountains

changing addiction

Working on mental and emotional responses to the world and past experiences improves the success of the client

Changing Addiction

Click here to learn more on how I view and work with addiction

Learn more about the "Secret Sauce" that no one else has...I just got through working with Andrew and his addiction to unhealthy foods, he is struggling with diabetes as a side effect and he wanted to get control of his life. He has already lost over 10 pounds he has had positive results with his blood sugar going from 380 to 150 within just 4 weeks. He no longer craves ice cream or french fries, and he's not addicted to soda any longer, he is making healthier choices with food because of working on much of his past trauma, grief, and eating programs. He is getting more exercise because he feels better, his mom even passed away during the 4 weeks we worked together, and he was very calm about it, which was a change for him. He has ended up with confidence this is a lifelong change for him.


He now has the tools and knowledge to get help and help himself when life events happen and has an overall sense of well-being that carries through to daily choices. 


There is such a thing as the wasteland and being set free from the things that cause addiction, weight gain, bad behaviors and come to peace within ourselves to live a happier, healthier life. 


You honestly can't put a price on that. It's my passion in life and if you are interested in learning more, and or working with me, please reach out to me at or text me at 615-975-4321 I'd be happy to send you my calendar and we will set up a time and see if this is right for you. 

Vegas 2019 FEFT Training
Las Vegas L1 Training
Enjoying the View

About Me

My name is Miranda Sullivan

I help all kinds of people including kids, because I am trained to work with what is being held in the mind and is affecting us in our world. 

My main focus is as an Empowerment, Mindset, and Trauma Coach with a focus on transforming trauma to assist my clients in creating their dreams. That could be being freed from addiction, health concerns, being overwhelmed, mental and emotional abuse, losing weight, anxiety, and stress. I specialize in Addiction and Weight Loss because I understand them very well. I have struggled with weight gain and weight loss since I was 11 years old and experienced my first trauma. The tools and knowledge I have gained in the last 4.5 years have not only allowed me to have the tools/knowledge to break my own addiction to food and the emotional roller coaster, but to lose the 72 pounds I was ready to let go of for good. There is no doubt in my mind that I can continue to live a healthy lifestyle and I am looking for people to join me. It's never too late. 60 years old and going strong!


We have the best time we can utilize the tools I have been trained with and my clients are getting great results.

Please reach out and set something up for us to chat on Zoom or over the phone to see if this is for you.  

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“All That We Are Is A Result of What We Thought”


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