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Creating Something Positive out of Grief

I was watching a really good Hallmark movie this evening and I had to write about it..It's called "The Bridge." It's about a sweet couple that lost their daughter and somehow found their way to a new life and opened a book store named "The Bridge in a sweet and quaint city Franklin, TN."

The character Donna, played by Faith Ford, found out after they lost their child that she could no longer have anymore children. Her husband Charlie, played by Ted McGinley, proclaimed that they would create a new and different kind of family and that is exactly what they did. They opened a book store in a town, in a place that is near and dear to my heart in Franklin, TN. The towns people and customers from everywhere in the world would come buy books and Charlie would not only connect them to the books that they needed to help them learn what they wanted to learn or to escape into a world of wonder and imagination, he would also connect people. He connected couples who got married and people who needed others to help them accomplish what they needed and so on. Donna baked and sold treats and they served coffee, definitely with a side of love and encouragement. They did what Charlie exclaimed, they created a family right there in Franklin, TN with people who loved them and kept coming back to their book store and their customers lives where forever changed and touched..and so many took that with them.

This story spoke to me on so many levels, because I too, have lost my son. He passed away 18 years ago and like Donna and Charlie, I professed that I would live a life that my son would be proud of and create a new life in TN with the gifts that the divine was showing me that I had. But life is not always just like the movies..sometimes we need help with grief, or patterns or belief systems that are stopping us from sharing those gifts in a way that we know we are here to do. What are you being called to do....but something is stopping you and you know it's you...the way that you have lived..the way you have done life?

Last year, I was blessed to have my prayers answered and I found out about a man that taught and helped people heal from grief and all those thoughts and feelings that can be standing in our way. His name is Robert G. Smith and he is the creator of eutaptics FasterEFT. I was so impressed with what he taught and the results that I got from doing this work, I jumped in and was trained. I worked hard to get certified as a eutaptics FasterEft practitioner, certified Level 3. My desire was to help myself, and to help other people. What would your life be like if you were able to let go of that grief, those memories, feelings and picture so you could focus on what is calling your heart? If you are ready to learn how to let go of those feelings, beliefs and programs that are standing in your way, reach out to me and set up a Self-Love Discovery appointment and get started moving into your dreams becoming a reality. Start creating something Positive out grief or whatever it is you have experienced in your life and that your ready to let go of, but just didn't know how to.

I am here to help support you on your journey. Visit and reach out to me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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