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Creating Mental & Emotional Well-Being

6 Week Online Class to Get In Control of Your Mental and Emotional Health

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What would your life be like if you were able to create mental and emotional well-being from the inside? If you were able to empower yourself to learn the power of the mind, how to create changes with the natural ability to feel good and start feeling more confident, and in charge of your mental and emotional world. Hi, my name is Miranda Sullivan, and I remember being in the spot that I was lost, alone and overrun with grief and the trauma that had happened in my life many, many years before. It was reeling it's ugly head. I was unhappy, unfulfilled and all those choices that I had made from an unhealthy place wanted to be paid attention to. It does that, it can show up in food addiction, alcohol or drug addiction, failing health that the doctors can't figure out. It's affecting us in most or if not all area's of our lives. Do you feel this way? Well, I ended up in the hospital because of the drugs I was on and the way I was thinking. It was emotional turmoil. When I got out, I decided to change. I was going to do whatever it took to create a life that I loved, I was done with my old way of being. I attended a workshop and it changed my life. You are invited into this 6-week workshop to jump start creating mental and emotional well-being in your life. Are you feeling Broken Lost Angry or In Emotional Turmoil? In this 6-week long online workshop we will: * Delve into the power of the mind and learn how it can work in your favor. * Have accountability for the 6 weeks, learn new tools and create a path of well-being, learning to let go of brokenness, grief, loss, addictions, and start creating empowerment, love, and better choices. * Do some Goal Setting and how to follow through on those goals * Have an opportunity to see how quick changes can happen with using the power of the mind If you are looking to: * Gain tools to help yourself when you get triggered and help yourself get into a better state of well-being * Create a better sense of well-being * Start changing patterns and beliefs to create a healthier, happier life with a sense of well-being I would love to work with you. In each event for the 6 weeks we will pull someone up to work on them. I will work on at least 1 person each event and when time allows, as much as possible, I will work on several people during these 2 hours for 6 complete weeks. We will also learn more about the mind and how it works. What you can do to help yourself to let go and transform those past event

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